Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Star Dreamer

I dreamed I dipped
water from the sky,
that the stars were thieves
that stole our illumination.
And in that dream
I sat silently in a tree,
smelling of birch and honey,
eating wild cherries,
uncaring how I'd come
to that perch on this branch,
Satiated of an unnamed sweetness,
I watched as naked women
in long, unruly hair walked
barefoot through dense,
wooded greenery,
holding out their hands
palms up, offering
earth gems of exotic nuts,
vines of grapes draped
across their shoulders and wrists
like summers' finest rubies.

Written from a prompt at Pink.Girl.Ink.

I also invite you to check out the very first issue of Think Pink, an independent ezine for which I put together for Pink.Girl.Ink.  We take submissions for our quarterly magazine if you'd like to check that out, the next one will be published in April.


  1. What a dream.. involving all possible senses.. wonderful thoughts..

  2. love the nature elements in this stacy...your perch makes it like a you take int eh wild cherries seeing the images....the women again of nature adorned in natures jewels.....

  3. I love the images sparked by this poem - the women with grapes along their shoulders, their palms up..lovely. And congratulations on your first issue of Pink Ink. I had a look and it looks wonderful. Way to be, Stacy!!!!!

  4. If only all dreams would be like this one! I can picture it vividly, Stacy.

  5. Fine detailed dream and wonderful exchange of earth's gems.

  6. Every sense addressed, and the scene vividly painted.

  7. interesting how dreams sometimes can identify part of the character of someone and vice versa. quite interesting these dreams can be.

    gracias for sharing

  8. such an imaginative dream, full of vivid details, and a strong connection with nature ... a sense of freedom and beauty!

  9. One of the beauties of communing with nature is that life seems much less complex than we silly humans make it. Luckily poets have the gift to see it.

  10. What a wonderful dream (and poem)...dipping water from the sky...and those stars..i always thought they needed a careful eye!

  11. That sounds like a great dream. Well written.


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