Sunday, February 22, 2015

Waiting For The Rain (Digital Art Work)

"Waiting For The Rain"
Photo Manipulation Digital Art

"All night the sound had
come back again,
and again falls
this quiet, persistent rain."

-Robert Creeley-

Java, Some Random Thoughts, and Photoshop

This piece of art work reminds me so much of myself.

In fact, my favorite way to write includes a great cup of coffee, a few candles, and my notebooks/journals.  Oftentimes I'll read from a writing book (This week I'm using Wingbeats), or I'll read a few poems from an author I admire to awaken my creative juices.

I used to have a habit of sitting in front of the couch, my legs beneath the coffee table.   I would spread all my materials and candles across the table and write to my hearts content into the early morning hours.

I've always felt more awake, more creative during the nighttime hours.  There's just something about the sky, the ethereal glow of a lonely moon, that brings forth my words with ease.

This piece of artwork sort of just fell together for me the other night.  Hope you enjoy it!

"Java and Keats"
Digital Photo Manipulation

"I pretty much drink a cup of coffee, write in my journal for a while, and then sit at a computer in my office and torture the keys. My one saving grace as a writer is that, if I'm having trouble with the novel I'm writing, I write something else, a poem or a short story. I try to avoid writer's block by always writing something."      -Jess Walter

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white cat

cat 2

books with candles


Friday, February 20, 2015

A Poem and an Art Piece

I regret that I haven't been blogging nearly as much as what I'd like.  I have quite a few things on my plate.  Over at Pink.Girl.Ink I'm working on four manuscripts (editing and cover art), as well as the weekly posts.  Usually when I get too busy with life, my creative endeavors suffer.

Anyway, I took a little bit of time this week to play with Photoshop, and some me-time for writing.

Hope you enjoy my digital artwork (photo manipulation) and my accompanying poem!

I created the artwork for a challenge at Three Muses.   And I wrote the poem from the weekly writing prompt at Pink.Girl.Ink.

"The Treasure Keeper"
Photo Manipulation Digital Art

I Couldn't Help But Think

When you left, what I
Started to think about was
How the lights across the water
Always mar the reflection,
A misrepresentation of facial
Expression and contour, unavoidable.
I thought about myself on
The last night of our ten-day stay
In a condo where I touched the
Furniture of strangers, grew accustomed
To floor-creaks meant
For some other woman’s footsteps.
I kept recalling the evening swarm
of the Oceanside:
wealthy pedestrians reading
their fantasy worlds while
adorned in designer bathing suits
and dangly jewelry I could
only view as a waste amid
the hungry pelicans and dying whales,
the half-eaten fish whose
decomposed flesh floated to
the shore among jellyfish and seashell.
I thought about the defiled hermit crabs
Scraping their wild claws against
The plastic skin of some child’s
Make-shift cage, prisoners to entertain.
And I thought how unfair
The unfolding of life could be,
The union between us
Which had become a walking corpse
Standing at the edge of the waves,
And how they’d throw the white
Angry remnants of their drifts
Against my skin like the
Lost ice of a snow squall.
And, myself, angry at the way
They stole that last image of us,
Breaking it into pieces not unlike
A shattered mirror, pulling your
Hand from the shivering grasp
Of my own, even before I let go.