Friday, February 20, 2015

A Poem and an Art Piece

I regret that I haven't been blogging nearly as much as what I'd like.  I have quite a few things on my plate.  Over at Pink.Girl.Ink I'm working on four manuscripts (editing and cover art), as well as the weekly posts.  Usually when I get too busy with life, my creative endeavors suffer.

Anyway, I took a little bit of time this week to play with Photoshop, and some me-time for writing.

Hope you enjoy my digital artwork (photo manipulation) and my accompanying poem!

I created the artwork for a challenge at Three Muses.   And I wrote the poem from the weekly writing prompt at Pink.Girl.Ink.

"The Treasure Keeper"
Photo Manipulation Digital Art

I Couldn't Help But Think

When you left, what I
Started to think about was
How the lights across the water
Always mar the reflection,
A misrepresentation of facial
Expression and contour, unavoidable.
I thought about myself on
The last night of our ten-day stay
In a condo where I touched the
Furniture of strangers, grew accustomed
To floor-creaks meant
For some other woman’s footsteps.
I kept recalling the evening swarm
of the Oceanside:
wealthy pedestrians reading
their fantasy worlds while
adorned in designer bathing suits
and dangly jewelry I could
only view as a waste amid
the hungry pelicans and dying whales,
the half-eaten fish whose
decomposed flesh floated to
the shore among jellyfish and seashell.
I thought about the defiled hermit crabs
Scraping their wild claws against
The plastic skin of some child’s
Make-shift cage, prisoners to entertain.
And I thought how unfair
The unfolding of life could be,
The union between us
Which had become a walking corpse
Standing at the edge of the waves,
And how they’d throw the white
Angry remnants of their drifts
Against my skin like the
Lost ice of a snow squall.
And, myself, angry at the way
They stole that last image of us,
Breaking it into pieces not unlike
A shattered mirror, pulling your
Hand from the shivering grasp
Of my own, even before I let go. 


  1. Terrific artwork and fantastic poetry. Very descriptive

    Love Chrissie x

  2. Beautiful art and prose it's nice to have you back again.

  3. A dreamy Piece, the meremaid Looks much like you.#

  4. Wow- a beautiful underwater journey- love this!

  5. it is a lovely picture you created stacy....the underwater world is an amazing scene that we know very little about really...not where it gets so deep....the feeling of disassociation in your poem as well...starting with that stay in a condo and feeling the furniture, the floor creaks meant for another...the desolation you see there at the beach...all things dead and dying instead of the beauty....

  6. A lovely undersea scene, and your word images in your poem are impressive!

  7. Truly an excellent art piece. Gorgeous and beautifully created. TFS.

  8. The images and the Metaphors you create of the shore with it's death and smell.. the eremite crab being prisoner in plastic bucket of a child-- what a splendid imagery and yet working its way into a metaphor... So good to see you back again..

  9. Oh, the waste of fancy bathing suits and dangly jewelry while the pelicans and whales go dying ~ so true and sad. Lovely artwork and poem :)

  10. Wonderful to read your words. I knew Pink Girl Ink would keep you hopping. But it is creative work! Your poem is a powerhouse.........especially gripping to me are the images of "the hungry pelicans and dying whales".......the mess we have made of the ocean. Counterpoint to that devastation is the apparent ending of a relationship. Poignant, " pulling your Hand from the shivering grasp Of my own, even before I let go."

  11. Your writing really carries me along in it, Stacy. I always find myself reading faster and faster as I work my way through it. The ending leaves me with feelings of sadness...thinking about the stealing of the last image. And that shattered mirror - how very wrenching! A powerful write once again, Stacy! Whew.

  12. Wonderful poem and beautiful artwork. Isn't it great how many different styles of poetry can be wonderful? I love really short, succinct poems, and I also love long, discursive, detailed, thoughtful ones like this.

  13. a beautiful art work Stacy...imagery of death, destruction and alienation is heart rending...

  14. How stunning this is comparing the ending of a relationship with the horror of our treatment of nature in our hedonism. So your artwork takes us to a safe place where the world's treasures are safe from mankind.

  15. love the images you use to tell the story.. when we're letting go we remember those images very clearly.

  16. have missed your work - and here is another reason why ~

  17. When things aren't right inside..outside is definitely marred.. glad you had time to write this wonderful piece

  18. Amazing take on the standard ocean scene.

  19. was it a metaphor for divorce? i'm reading it this way. there's a tinge of sadness all throughout

  20. This is exquisite, my friend. Thank you for joining in at the Three Muses this week.


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