Thursday, March 5, 2015

News & Other Things

Ugh, I'm currently dealing with a computer crash, specifically the trusty ole laptop (it's nearly four years old, I guess I can't complain).  I'm getting a black screen, tech support says the hard drive is failing.  I'm trying to figure out how to save all my files and rather I can or not (sob).  This may mean retyping manuscripts as well as re-editing and formatting manuscripts for Pink.Girl.Ink.  (I was so close to releasing our first author, sob again).  Anyway, hopefully this problem will be resolved with a new laptop this weekend (fingers crossed for something cheap, as pc's are expensive things).

If I owe you a comment from the poetry or art challenge community, I apologize for my tardiness, I'll get there soon!

Last week I released another chapbook titled Mannequin Rivalry.  The book contains some of personal favorites I've written in the past year or so and the Kindle edition can be purchased for $1.99.  A paperback edition is also available.

I recently made the decision to create a separate blog just for my art adventures, rather than jumble my main blog with images.  I'd like to keep Warning The Stars as an author/poetry blog.  You can always view my art at Coffee, Art,  And Me.  In fact, I invite you over.  The blog is brand new and I don't currently have any followers (wink).

I've been published in four new magazines this fall/winter but I'll save those links for next time.

Hopefully with my new laptop, I'll be back in commission shortly!!  I have so missed sharing my poetry.

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  1. and we have missed you also, mi amiga. buena suerte in trying to save all your creative material. hope things go well this weekend for you


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