Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weary Travelers

Tonight the veranda is empty,
The city is quiet and the busy streets
Have closed their eyes for a while.
On the sidewalk below, a lone pedestrian
Walks his dog, the end of a long day
Folding itself between their footsteps.
A car rolls silently past, headlights
Beaming an illustrious glow
Into the night-fog like a convertible
Lighthouse, a ghost that rolls into
Some perceived distance and disappears.
The wind tussles my hair, lifting
Each strand from my face like the
Miniature roped masts of moonsails.
Somewhere out there I know
The water is still awake.
As the sound of the gulf chants
It’s mermaid squall toward the stars,
The sky spins it’s kaleidoscope of light
Against the silhouette of my soft shape
And a madness begins, distilled contrast
Of black upon white, a polaroid backdrop
Of  sierras against the great plains;
The divine soil of majestic trees,
Ever-tending as an ocean-pulse.
How endless the prints we place
Upon the shore, each one erased
As quickly as the glittering flicker of time,
So fickle is the kiss of our soles
Upon this unworn path, weary travelers.

Written from a prompt at Pink.Girl.Ink.

Also, if any of you poets know of a nice NaPoWriMo, please leave me a link so I can check it out.
This year I would like to participate in writing a poem a day for National Poetry Month.


  1. beautifully written.. last lines in particular.. "so fickle is the kiss of our soles.."

  2. life is really a fded painting indeed

  3. Such a magical poem... Specially adore the lines:

    "The wind tussles my hair, lifting
    Each strand from my face like the
    Miniature roped masts of moonsails."

    Must completely had me absorbed :)

  4. You always include such a lot of vivid details in your poetry. This one is no exception. The ending is intense and excellent.

  5. The images that you gather, gradually in your poem.. and pull them together, just like that path you have.. You are simply a great poet..

  6. This is one of my faves of yours, Stacy. So beautiful "the water is still awake" and the "kaleidoscope of stars". All the references to natural beauty resonate so strongly. A truly wonderful write. I enjoyed it so much.

  7. Lovely images...strong and vivid

    'How endless the prints we place
    Upon the shore, each one erased'

  8. i echo all the aforementioned comments. this enthralled me with a sense of pensive solitude all too common to my diurnal existence. gracias for sharing such wonderful reverie

  9. Thanks for the share Stacy..a beautiful the contrasting images closing eyes while the water stays awake...

  10. This piece is very serene. I liked the mood all through out. Purely magical in quiet observations

  11. A wonderful story within this poem...very magical and epic

  12. other then the spelling i did like this. :-) i.e. sole vs soul... unless you meant the sole of feet... :-)
    then I stand corrected.

  13. A beautiful journey that you have penned.

  14. Magnificent writing! I was there...

  15. This is another great poem of yours, Stacy! There are a lot of great images in your words.

  16. Beautifully written piece with ethereal ambience. Fabulous!


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