Sunday, April 5, 2015

April Moon #2

And the prompt for today is:

Hm, there's quite a few pieces of advice I'd like to give my former self:

1.  Don't worry about what other people think so much.  Rather you live perfectly by their standards, or completely off-the-grid crazy, someone is always going to have something critical to say....

2.  Which brings me to the next thing:  live authentically.

3.  When making choices, trust your gut instincts...not what everyone else wants or thinks or expects you to do.  Sometimes not even logic, or your heart, can best tell you what to do....listen to your instincts, they are almost always on cue.

4.  Don't tie yourself down to serious, long-term relationships until you've lived a little.  The world is too full of interesting people to meet and fun things to do.  Don't limit yourself at such a young age.

5.  Take every opportunity that comes your way, especially the opportunity to travel! You only live once, don't pass up any chance to see the world!

6.  Stop dwelling on the past, accept the things you can't change, make peace and move on.  Learn to let it go so you can live!

7.  Seek the good things in the world.  Cultivate good energy.  Create good karma.

8.  Try to steer clear of negative people and negative situations.  They will only bring you down.  Seek people who uplift you, instead.

9.  Wake up every single day with a thankful heart.  Count your blessings.  Be grateful for all you've got.  Remember that  a bad day, even a bad month or a bad year, does not equal a bad life.

10.  Don't be so impressionable.  Think for yourself.  Do you.

Looking at this list, I pretty much have learned to do these things over the years.  And even though I live this way now, it would have been wonderful had someone been knowledgeable enough to give me this advice years ago.  It would have saved me some wasted time and unnecessary heartache.

This is some great advice that anyone can benefit from, I think.  And at any age.  :)


  1. It is great advice. I would have loved this list ten years ago too Stacy Lynn. I'm still working through a few of them. Number 6 is especially tricky I think.

  2. You are so wise, Stacy Lynn. I think we all find our may towards these answers in the most meandering fraught way possible... because we're human. It's pretty much the most annoying and beautiful thing ever.


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