Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April Moon Day #10

the prompt for today:

I used to have an eating disorder...back then, entering a kitchen gave me a certain sense of nervousness and anxiety.

Most days when I walk into the kitchen I'm anxious to find the exact thing I'm craving (and a lot of the time I have no idea what  I even want once I start looking!).

I'm always excited if it's coffee & pastry time (my daily treat to myself as I sit down to write).

Preparing dinner for my family always makes me feel happy.  I love my ability to whip up a meal for my loved ones and know that, although I'm far from a five star chef, they eat and enjoy my food.

If I'm entering a kitchen during Thanksgiving, or some other holiday (or family gathering) I feel giddy and festive.  Family dinners are my favorite!

Really, the way I feel when I enter a kitchen usually just depends on my mood and what I'm planning to do once I'm in that kitchen.

Let's not forget that oftentimes I write at the kitchen table, so that's always an enjoyable time.


  1. Yes. I guess it is true that how you feel about the kitchen would depend on what you're going in there for :). I like to accompany my writing with coffee too ( and now I've read the word I am craving a pastry treat!)

  2. Kitchens are very evocative places! I love the coffee & pastry writing treat. xx


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