Sunday, April 19, 2015

April Moon Day #13

The prompt for today is:

Fully complete my 'to-do' list on any given day.

Finish writing all the books I've only half-started.

Forgive certain people the hurts they've handed me and move on.

Stop procrastinating (notice I'm three days behind on April Moon, it's merely over by now!)

Ever find the time to work on all the projects I'm so passionate about rather than just tire out and crash and burn.  I suppose this is indicative of burn out, but cmon you only live once, I want to do everything.

Live in my bungalow by the beach.  I miss the shore, it feeds my muse, I need to be there!

Get done with the Month of April and this dang NaPoWriMo I decided to undertake.  A poem a day, and by a perfectionist, has NOT been an easy thing!

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  1. Yes! Why is there never enough time to do everything! SO many paths I'd like to pursue too. xx


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