Sunday, April 19, 2015

April Moon Day #14

The prompt for today is:

....that I actually woke up today to enjoy another day of life...I know plenty of people probably did not get to.

...that I have shelter over my head, a warm bed, food to eat, the 'bare' necessities.

...that I have people I love and people whom love me...I know many people who live lonely lives (rather by choice or misfortune).

...that I get to be the mother to my daughter.  That little fairy is my whole world.

...that I have a family and a few good friends.

...that I have found my ultimate passion in poetry.  In words.  Digital art too (though I'm still, and always, a learner).

...that I first discovered journal-writing at a young age.  I believe it has saved me many times.

...that I am healthy in mind and body.  What a blessing.

...that I live in a country that, for the most part, we are free.

...for education and my ability to learn it, and hopefully share the wealth of my knowledge with others.

...that I live in an age where I can explore the world from my desk chair via the internet.  I've met so many beautiful souls on here.  People whom I have learned from, been inspired by.  Many I have not had the grace to touch in person, but I appreciate and love each one of you as if you were dear, old friends!


  1. A lovely list of gratitude xx

  2. if by chance you reach out and love touches your finger tips, it is not luck but the reaching out that has touched.

    gratitude is a wonderful thing. it is the beginnings of lucidiy through appreciation



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