Monday, April 13, 2015

April Moon Day #5

The prompt for today is:

....real life experiences.

I like to think that when I'm referring to memories and actual experiences, I'm writing from the inside.

And what better way to figure out the world, the things that happen to me, than to construct them outside myself, on paper?

I'm not just inspired by my own life experiences, I'm often inspired by the miracle of life, in and of itself.

I am inspired by the stories of other people.  I like to consider myself a collector of experiences.  I love gaining new insight, sharing new ideas, getting into the heads and personal lives of fascinating people...these people are usually writers, themselves.  The poets and artists of the world.  The talkers and performers.  The starving, eccentric screenwriters who slave away at the typewriter each day.

I also love learning about the lives of people I'll never be....the visual artist who lives in a one bed-room flat by the sea, her house full of paint cans and canvases she hopes to sell.  The elderly widow (once a flapper) with a whole lifetime of memories to share with me.  The traveler and his stamped suitcase with a vintage guitar that belonged to his great grandfather strapped across his shoulder.

I love poeple.  The kind with big hearts and deep minds.  I'd like to think these people are a lot like me...

People like this, and their stories; how we interconnect and share love and light and hope, all with a tiny string of a great source of inspiration for me (and my writing).

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