Monday, April 13, 2015

April Moon Day #7

the prompt for today is:

If this asked for the first person I thought about, the answer would ultimately be my daughter.

But considering it says 'thing' I'm going to assume this excludes an actual person.

Even then I have trouble edging things down in singular terms.  Ah, but I will try...

I wake up breathing words.  Poetry, stories, quotes, prose...descriptions.  I am in love with words.  And have been for as long as I remember.  As a child, the library seemed like such a vast wonderland, and it was so easy to get lost in the world of a book.  These days books are every bit as magical, but real life distractions makes it hard to get that totally immersed and lost feeling.  I suppose psychologists refer to this type of deep concentration as flow.

I get lost in my journal as well.  And in writing my own poetry.  I get lost in assembling words, playing with them, writing them on cards, applying them to things/people/life.

I try to write poetry everyday.  I share some of it, other pieces I am preserving for books and major publication.

I love journal writing prompts (which is why I LOVE Kat's work!).  I even have a soul journal, an art journal, a journal for my rune readings.  Seriously...there is a blank book for everything!

I write when I wake up, I create throughout the day, and I read before bed.

I think sometimes I dream in text.

You could probably refer to me as a bibliophile...or, if you don't want to be that formal, my family likes to think of me as a book hoarder.

I share my home with thousands of books, proudly so!

Ahhhh, all those words!

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