Monday, April 13, 2015

April Moon Day #8

the prompt for today is:

hmmm i have quite a few things...

candles of all colors (and scents), lamps of all colors and designs, books...shelves upon shelves of books.

i also love costume jewelry.  and i wear a flower in my hair almost every single day.  if its not a flower then a headband, one of those wrapping bandanas (i probably look like a hippie!).

I love journals.  Blank ones.  One's half-filled.  One's I have ideas for, with perfectly decorated covers.

There's just something about new journals, books, and candles that make me happy.

Perhaps there's a metaphor to be uncovered in this:  books are light, vise versa.

I could just be giving you my 1:02 am sleep talk, ah, but these are the ways in which I sorta collect things.

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