Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April Moon Day #9

and the prompt for today was:

that someone is sick...especially with an incurable disease.

I hate to hear of the suffering of others (whether it be people or animals).

I detest kill shelters, animal cruelty, and child abuse.  Psychological suffering also really tears at my heart:  discrimination, bigotry, people being taken advantage of, and the terrible way those with mental illnesses are scoffed toward.  Addiction is just as much a disease as social anxiety...all these things exist and I hate when they are taken lightly.

I hate to see hunger, poverty, sickness, illiteracy.  Incarcerated youth who've no hope because the system has already given up on them really before their lives even had a chance to begin at all.

I hate inner city crimes, gang-related violence.  The cock-eyed CEO's of corporations and big business who care only to stuff their pockets full of dollar bills and never bother to give anything back to the communities, the countries, the towns that made them rich in the first place!

And I am totally disgusted with the exploitation of decent, hard-working Americans for the pathetic minimum wage!

I guess you could say I'm an activist...but there's so much to fight for I wouldn't know where to begin to apply the little energy I have after I deal with my personal life each day...some of us aren't lucky enough to live at the expense of others, to hire maids and tutors for our kids, to recline on beaches and have it made!  Because trust me, if I could live that way, I would apply all that idle time to changing lives!


  1. I am sure you *are* making a difference in your own way, even if it is not targeted help to a specific cause, via your passion and your compassion. "Be the change" :)

  2. We are surrounded my so many triggers in this world, aren't we? I can get exhausting.
    I can see why/how things like gratitude, mindfulness and self-compassion are such important tools to have in our self-care kit! xx


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