Thursday, April 2, 2015

NaPoWriMo Day #2

I was up early today and in the mood to write.  This really makes me happy, considering the block I've had for the past month or so.  Probably nearing two months.  Perhaps it is just the awesome collective energy of National Poetry Writing Month that is inspiring me, or maybe all the great poetry I've been reading.

I've nearly completed the book I began yesterday by Ann Staley.  I think I'm just savoring her work, to be honest.  So many pieces of my own self I've found sprinkled throughout her poetry.  And today I'll begin reading A Yes-or-No Answer by Jane Shore.  She's a new author to me, so I'm anticipating the read.

Today the prompt from NaPoWrimMo went something like this:  I challenge you to take your gaze upward, and write a poem about the stars

If you know me at all then you know this prompt made my heart race!  The stars, the sky, the moon, the night.... these are some of my favorite things to explore in my writing.  Quite a majority of my poetry will have mentioned the moon or the night or the stars, and today's poem is no exception.

So here goes:

The Star-Seeker

There’s something magnificent
To be said about the sky.
I used to make a habit
Of sitting by the window
In a dark room, come evening,
Notebook across my knees
Like a silly-couch poet.
I’d watch the Gods turn on
The stars one by one,
Always in awe of how complete
Galaxies could disappear
Into the vast pock-holes in between.
Maybe it’s the astrologist in me,
Or perhaps I’m just a dreamer,
But I’d imagine the vast-ink sky
Was a roadmap and each winking star
Was waning me towards some grand destiny.
And I couldn’t help but wonder,
As I sipped coffee and counted
The cars that slipped past my street
Beneath the veil of early evening,
Of what secrets the sky kept,
What spirits hovered there
At the edge of in-coming clouds.


  1. beautiful. i've also always been fascinated by stars.. there's a lot to be found in them for sure.

  2. Awe-inspiring...!!
    Wishing you a very happy Easter :D

  3. I am glad for this prompt as you wrote a beautiful poem....I often think what it would be like to fly into the night sky on clouds and touch the stars...

  4. This is absolutely beautiful, to read and envision. I can see you, sitting there gazing up at the night sky. Loved this.

  5. I think the sky keeps a lot of secrets. We can guess at them, but we will never know. Perhaps as we write poetry we can speculate what they are. I like to think that we can. It does not hurt to dream. I always enjoy your poetry, Stacy.

  6. I love the moon and stars as well and found this to be a magical reverie that brings up a longing for that feeling one gets when sitting under a starry night sky and imagining what is possible, Lovely.

  7. a spiritual awakening of sort. loved the image of stars getting switched on by God

  8. The best stars and poems can be found from the couch...all we need is imagination to seek what we need

  9. "each winking star / Was waning me towards some grand destiny." I love this call of the stars only for the poets to hear....

  10. Love it! Beautiful imagery ~ the stars are awe inspiring ~ your poem brings out their magic & wonder. :)


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