Tuesday, April 21, 2015

NaPoWriMo Day #21

Today I decided to go with the prompt over at Poetic Asides.

It went like this:  
For today’s prompt, we’re dealing with our third “Two for Tuesday” prompt(s):
  1. Write a “what you are” poem, or…
  2. Write a “what you are not” poem.

And here is my resulting poem:

Atypical Me

I’m not the type of girl
Who forgets to tip the
Waiter if he’s less than
Kind on the eyes, besides,
over-wrought first
Impressions are overkill.
And, frankly, I don’t care
If I’m sporting last years’ heels
Or if my high school T’shirt
Is too faded to discern of words;
I just know I fell asleep wearing
It while the rest of my graduating
Class got boozed and screwed
By God knows who.
I’m not the kind of person
Who says things with the hope
Of turning someone’s favor
Towards me: you can like
My purple-framed glasses
And my woman-thick thighs,
Or you won’t, and it won’t
Matter one bit to me.
I’ve never enjoyed catcalls
And unwarranted attention
From strangers, besides, what
Do I care what someone
I don’t know thinks of me?
Nor am I a silly woman-girl of
Thirty-something who leaves
Her panties accidentally on
The floor of some random lover,
Hoping he’ll remember
My name next weekend.
I’m not the type of girl
Who worries about who finds
Me attractive, do these pants
Accentuate my curves
In just the right way, or what’s
Eating at the dead-fish hearts
Of silly-looking celebs in
The latest tabloid magazine.
I don’t give one fat iota
If my opinion offends
Anyone because, honestly,
The damn thing belongs to me.
Nor have I ever lost one
Precious minute of my
Late-morning sleep
Wondering if my
Girlfriends’ crazy mother
Will ever lose her case of
Self-righteous idiocy and
And find it in her God-fearing 
heart to approve of me.

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