Tuesday, May 19, 2015


...on a Monday morning
And the  chicken-scrawl
Tells of stories, clocks-full
Of words unfolding lives
I’ve lived before;  dead poets
Whose memories have
Chosen me for capture.
Then there’s the times I go
Whole days without writing.
Like any angry lover,
I shun the words.
The composition calls to me,
I throw the words back,
Room-full of their greedy echoes.
I swim their symbolism
To the empty of my bed,
Crawl into books not
Written by me, they become
The friends I never had;
My very own form of
Fading away for a while.

Written for a prompt at dVerse Poets.


  1. Those days without words.. then going to bed with the words of other.. Oh I like that.. (I actually fall asleep to audio-books)... The words that sometimes just come and at other times are stuck inside. Yes I know that.

  2. clocks full of words... so lovely!

  3. I think we all have those times of fading. I went through one recently where I did not write for almost 6 weeks. I even pushed away the words of others. An angry lover, perhaps.

  4. I think sometimes we need those times away from words, times of crawling into other people's words, to refresh us a bit. Sometimes we just need to take the time to enjoy the friendship of a book before putting our words to paper once again! No harm in that.

  5. Words become friends at 2 am.. willing lovers.. who can never turn away.. to others sides of beds or covers.. yes! words are my friends.. and fortunately.. oh my GOD yes..! they keep coming and never go away... sometimes to the dismay.. of others now.. so haha! is what i say.. as words love me with unconditional love the same.. and oh MY GOD.. truly! is me in the words.. the whole time.. hidden as me..forevermorenow.. my words live as me..:)

  6. taking time away from the words is just as important as knowing when to take them all in and spew out poetry.

  7. "I swim their symbolism" I love this. And also the line that secretly says "crawl into book snot." ;)

  8. I do struggle with words at the moment and will probably welcome the summer break. I agree that when this occurs, the words of others are welcome. 'Like any angry lover, / I shun the words.' - my favorite lines in your poem.

  9. sad yet hopeful, as you push into the delirium of self-deception, when one endeavors to exercise some control over the backlog of words jamming up inside, searching for egress or exit; I like the lines /I throw the words back/room-fulls of their greedy echos/.

  10. when the empty worded head takes refuge in another writer's works it's most welcome...it's quite refreshing then...

  11. Says it all, really. Your 2 a.m. is rich!


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