Friday, May 1, 2015

For the Month of May

The month of April (thank God too!) and the NaPoWriMo challenge is behind me.

So, for the months of May/June I'm going to attempt to keep in-tune with my muse and wax poetic with some digital art by using Artella's Me-Flections Workshop.  I purchased some of her amazingly inspiring workshops quite a while back and have just been pushing them down my to-do list.  But not anymore!

I was also thinking that since that means I'll be posting lots of digital art/journal prompt pieces to this blog, I might as well scratch the idea of an art blog, and keep all my lovely endeavors in-tact at just one!  So, I'll be deleting the so-called art blog and sticking with posting a majority of my work on this blog.

My Me-Flection art/journal posts will begin tonight, if anyone is interested in following along.  I really just share my things here as a platform to collect my ideas and to share my writing and ideas with like-minded friends who stop by, or perhaps anyone who does enjoy reading my work.

Here's to hoping May and June are every bit as fantastically creative as April was (and hopefully less stressful).

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