Friday, May 1, 2015

Me-Flection Day #1: Put Yourself on the Map

The Challenge: Create a self-portrait on a map illustrating a time you felt "lost".

Here is my result:

"The Sky-Seeker"

I chose to integrate the outline of the map on the horizon.  For me this symbolizes the searching of the cosmos, the connection with the sky as a road map, the searching of the stars for direction.

This photo reminds me of myself lost in the wilderness of this wild, technologically-crazed world...searching for peace...searching for my Cherokee ancestry.  Searching for stillness enough to look inward.


  1. as part aztec heritage and lineage, i too search for the soul and spirit of the truth in all that the chaos, in the beauty mine eyes behold in every waking and dreaming moment. i stand before the omnipresent soul of life wandering in its abode wishing and hoping it too recognizes my presence. love is its breath

    gracias for sharing, mi amiga

  2. Infact all of us are lost and have lost so much more in this world and this pic is absolutely wonderful!

  3. What wonderful art and I feel you in the words.

    I am part Cherokee, too.


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