Saturday, May 2, 2015

Me-Flection Day #2: Let Your Hair Down

The Challenge: Create a self-portrait in which your hair is an extension of your personality.
Your hair in this self-portrait should be an extension of who you really are.  Don't worry about making your hair look like your "real" hair; instead, make it look like the real YOU!

"Stepping Out of the Gray"

When I created this image, I already had an idea in my head...her hair just had to be pink....and she would need a huge bow to demonstrate what my daily hairstyle really is like (I wear a bow/flower in my hair every single day!).

But really, the idea that resonated with me as I created this artwork, was the idea of stepping out...of fully embodying all the daring, crazy, exciting parts of my personality.  Using the wild hair to display the inner me, the one who fights her way to the surface through the only natural means that ever seemed the proper way to do so:  poetry, writing, words, journals, and now with artistic exploration.

I believe this artwork displays my life live outside the norm, to live loudly (even when I'm being quiet).  The hair says to me:  dare to be weird, be wild, shine your light bright, it might guide someone home (maybe even yourself!).  

The complete composition says to me:  here I am, I'm stepping away from the gray, coming out of the background, I don't want to be fake inside this box; I want to be colorful, I want to be real!


  1. Nice job. We should all step outside the box for awhile. It's a great big world once we leave our established lines a bit.

  2. beautiful portayal of your 'being'. a box is a temporary housing for the surprise within and as you step out you keep the bow in your hair and wear it well, mi amiga.


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