Sunday, May 3, 2015

Me-Flection Day #3: Interact With the World

The Challenge: Create a self-portrait that depicts your interactive relationship with the world.

The Process:  Today's challenge is to create a self-portrait, using any media, that illustrates your interactive relationship with the world.

"A Certain Kind of Stillness"

The idea was to beging with filling in the lines:  I ____________ the world.

Your create 12 of these lines.  Then you extend the statement to:   I ___________ the world, the world __________ me.

Out of these 12 statements, we were to pick the one that resonated most with us and use it as a mantra as we created our piece of artwork.  

The statement I ended up using was:  "I sit in stillness of the world, the world sits in stillness of me."

When I sat in reflection of this statement, I was momentarily astounded.  The prompt asked of us:  "Do you believe the world really offers you that?"  

Wow!  Does the world offer me stillness?  To be honest, until recently (the last year of so) I never sought stillness from the world.  I always looked for what had always been there:  chaos, the rushing, pain, hurt, loss, the wrongs.  Honestly though, to keep seeing those things in the world, or expecting them, is just to dwell on negative aspects of the past.

Recently I began to meditate, to practice yoga, to write in my 'soul journal.'  And you know what?  I did find stillness there.  

So the great epiphany that I uncovered with this prompt is, whatever you look for in this world, you find.  If you want stillness, look for it.  If you want happiness, luck, riches, success...look for it and expect it!

Wow....just wow. 

In this picture, the young girl is sitting alone on a bench at an isolated cabin in the wilderness.  There is life all around her, yet there is a sense of stillness, the peace depicted between herself and the they are existing in harmony...

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  1. ah!! such beauty in be one with nature


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