Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Me-Flection Day #5: Give Yourself a Hand

The Challenge: Experience being in the present moment as you create a portrait of your own hands.

"Reaching Past the Stars"

Taking a few moments to bring my attention to only my hands heightened my consciousness about these two extensions of my hands have been by my side (literally) throughout every moment of my life.  

Just thinking about this brings an awareness of how grateful I am to have two moving hands...all they have done for me, and for the way they have allowed me to experience the world on a deeper level than any other body part ever has.  To grasp, hold, feel and know different textures and temperatures and material.  It astounds me to think about it, how things you're born with (things you take for granted) enrich your life so much, yet because we never really stop to think about it, we would never notice unless we actually lost the body part!

When I think about my hands...what kind of insight I am offered when I merely reflect and engage with my hands...I see the past and present collide.  I see little parts of my forefathers and forefathers inside my hands...their shape, contour, skin color passed from one generation to the next.  I see my life memories.

I used to love looking at my grandmother's hands.  I would hold them in my own, something about holding hands with her just made me feel so much closer to her person.  At times I'd catch myself looking at her hands as she dialed the telephone or wrote something.  It was one of the things I loved about her, the way she moved her hands (along with the way her reading glasses would ride down the ridge of her nose as she tried to read something).  Yet, when I gazed at her hands I felt as if I were looking into her past...all the dinners she cooked, the children whose bottles she made, all the things she'd held closely and perhaps had been forced to also let go grandfather, her youth?  

There's so much to be said, seen, remembered in someone's hands.

And the image I created from this exercise seems to be speaking to me:  don't just reach for the stars, reach past them.  It's not a matter of how far your arm will extend, but more about how deeply you can dream, and how meaningful the things you hold onto!

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