Thursday, May 21, 2015

Me-Flection Day #9: Turn to the Side

"Inside Old Skin"

The Challenge: Create a profile self-portrait to honor a "side" of you that needs more attention.

I chose to honor my 'rebel' side.

So much of life seems to require that we tame our wilder selves.  That we fit perfectly into whatever roles society feels we should inhabit as mothers, or scholars, responsible human beings.  As men, women, children...society governs what characteristics make you normal or deviant.

 I wanted to honor the part of myself that lets her hair down, that prowls the night for something interesting to get into...I don't think I've done anything of the sort since I became a mother.  I think you can be a responsible person, yet stay in touch with your wild side.

I'd like to try to get to know that carefree, fun-loving girl again.  That brave girl who never met a stranger and never cared what they thought even when she did.


  1. nice self portrait. you look wonderful on that bike

    have a wonderful wild day


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