Friday, May 29, 2015

My Summer 2015 To-Do List

Summer has arrived!  Usually it's nice just to relax during the Summer months, and I intend to do so.  But I'd also like to stay productive and take advantage of my free time by doing some fun things (and hopefully making some memories too).

I've compiled some things I want to do to make sure I stay motivated, busy, and happy throughout the grueling Summer months.  (And trust me when I say, Southern summers are HOT!)

1.  Read more chick lit. was one of my first reading loves.  I devoured smart, literary chick lit during my first few years of college.  I miss those intelligent, classy gals forever in search of suitable careers and the perfect apartment.  

2.  Spend more time with my sketch book.  I love to draw, but you probably would never guess it...I spend most of my artistic energy with Photoshop and PSP.  Not this summer!  I want to get back to my pencil and paper roots.

3.  Take a mini road trip to somewhere new.  Doesn't have to be the Bahamas (okay, that would require a plane trip, you get the drift!) or even a full-fledged vacation.  Just a fun day spent driving somewhere with a different horizon than this little ole town.

4.  Complete the Five Mile Challenge in June.  The idea is to get more physically fit through walking.  You can read about it in full detail here.  

5.  Visit the independent cafes and coffee shops in my area (and surrounding areas).  I have a certain fetish for coffee, coffee shops, cafes, and bookstores.  They make me happy.  And I want to be as happy as possible...and frequenting some new java places will help me reach my bliss quota.

6.  Watch the Stars.  The sky has such a profound influence upon my writing...the most fascinating subject matter for my poetry and art usually includes the moon and stars.  Who even needs a telescope?  I have the hood of my car and a few blankets.  Might even include a glass of iced tea!  Doesn't it just sound lovely?

7.  Complete the Summer Reading Program with my daughter.  Runs from June into July at our local public library.  I think she's going to have  a blast with all the stories and art projects.  (I won't lie, I'm going to love it just as much as she!)

8.  Spend some in person time with friends.  Seriously, I've become a hermit.  You guys are fascinating...the blogs, the poetry community, my press and websites, my books and art...i LOVE them.  But I need to get out into the real world every now and then (for more than groceries and iced coffee lol).

9.  Get outside MORE.  This is different than #8.  This means actually outdoors.  I got a plan for this, I'll post it includes fun things like water balloons, concrete chalk, bubbles (and more) ....all starring my daughter!  :)

10.  Prepare/try/create/ summery food and drinks.  Again, I need to make a list.  A few I can think of right now are fresh fruit salad, iced hot chocolate, homemade ice cream, fun ice cube pops.

So there you have it...all the great ways I'm hoping to stay busy these next three months.  I'll update things as I complete them!  Hopefully I'll remember to take some entertaining photos as well.

We'll talk about all this again soon!


  1. I love this post. Good luck with meeting your bliss quota.

    1. thank you! hopefully i can accomplish at least most of it. :)


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