Friday, May 1, 2015

NaPoWriMo Day #30 last we have arrived at our last day!

Shew, I think my poetic muse may hide out for a while, I am pretty tired.

I actually ended up reading six books of poetry during this NaPoWriMo.  If you remember, the original idea was to read a book of poetry a day...I found that after real life responsibilities, and then writing, typing, posting my own poem each day, there wasn't a lot of time left for reading.  I'm happy with the six poetry books.

What I think is most important is that I successfully completed the challenge (I wouldn't call it easy, either!).

Today I decided to give myself a break.  Instead of writing with a prompt, I just did a free write.  Since I had been flipping through the collection of poetry Ain't I a Woman, I found a poem that I felt strongly towards and wanted to write to it (with it, in reply to it).

So here goes:

The Non-Diet

-In reply to Diet by Maureen Burge

If I didn’t like my body,
I’d filet it like mignon,
Box it up, the perfect present
For your doorstep, Van Gogh style.

If eating was a weighty kind
Of issue, I’d subtract
The sugar cubes, count my age
In calories and forfeit the daily mocha.

If people-pleasing was the way
I rubbed meatless thighs in vain,
I’d arch my back and count
Each rib, little steps across my chest
Where your lips might have rested.

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