Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"Our Cozy Coop"

"Our Cozy Coop"

"You ain’t gotta ask what I did to my hair
Or whose underwear’s on the line
It ain’t mine
I ain’t gonna ask who's been mowing your grass
So you ain’t gotta ask who mows mine
Quit judging my job and my car and my clothes
Get your nose out of your mini-blinds"
~Kacey Musgraves~

(thought I'd make a home-sweet-home that was a little off the beaten path.  i didn't spend a terrible amount of time with it, but i did have fun!)

created for an art challenge at Take A Word.


  1. Replies
    1. i'm glad you like it! i was worried it'd be....too weird? lol

  2. This is gorgeous. I love the little hot pink girl in the forefront (wearing black stripes and giant eyes). She's me. :)

    1. oh, i like her too! :) this picture reminds of something you'd see in The Twilight Zone...almost too weird to be a reality! :) i'm glad you like it!

  3. They all look being happy. Fun joyful collage!

  4. They all look being happy. Fun joyful collage!

  5. Great collage - cheerful, colour and captivating.


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