Sunday, June 14, 2015

Me-Flection Day #10: Find Yourself in a Photo Finish

The picture of the lady isn't me (obviously, she's rather illustrated).  And if you actually own, or have ever taken, the Me-Flection workshop, you'll probably notice that I'm skipping around (only doing the ones I can integrate into Photoshop).

The Challenge: Discover something new about yourself as you create a self-portrait based on a photograph of yourself that you don't particularly like (as I said already, I used an image that i liked.  no rules for art, remember?)

The idea was to pause every 15 minutes and reflect upon what I might be discovering about myself as I worked.  The prompt came with the following fill-in-the-blank statements:

 "I'm discovering this about myself: I seem to favor bright colors, an eccentric sense of fashion."

"Maybe I'm discovering  that I'm a unique person.  I have an eccentric sense of fashion.  I used to hate my glasses, I would take them off for photos.  Today, I feel at home in them...I'm grateful I have means of seeing clearly."

"I could be discovering  I love literature.  Words mean a lot to me.  I'm perfectly happy inside my own little world with good literature, my imagination."

"If I were not afraid, I might discover that maybe I enjoy being alone.  I'm not as sociable as I used to be, nor as impressionable.  I'm happy inside my own skin...weird sense of fashion, dark framed glasses, books and all"

 "I discovered this about myself: I'm different and I embrace it.  I no longer view myself as an outsider, I'm merely unique.  What's even more important to me is I have reach an age of maturity where I don't care if I'm an outsider or not.  I don't long to fit in.  I don't seek validation from anyone anymore.  I feel a sense of self-liberation to be free of the expectations or the silly rules of anyone else.  There's a lot of things I'll never be, and most of those things come with boxes I don't fit inside.  Boxes and lifestyles I don't want to fit inside.  I'm happy and  content with who I am, and I feel I'm steadily gravitating toward who I'm meant to be.."

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