Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Me-Flection Day #12: Get Out of the Box

The Challenge: Create a self-portrait incorporating a box, to celebrate the ways in which you live "out of the box"!

The term ‘outside the box,’ in my opinion, means to live differently.  To be flowery, bend the rules, break them if you have to.  To pave your own way other than merely stepping into someone else’s old footsteps.  It’s about creating a life that invigorates you, a lifestyle that fits whatever unique abilities, gifts, and preferences you have.  It’s not ever allowing anyone to define you in a superficial way.  It’s being true to yourself, and living freely.


  1. Gorgeous image - did you make it? I love that out of the box is creation; I get this image of creating a castle and a dragon out of a mountain of cast-aside mass-produced cardboard boxes.


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