Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Back-Porch Blues

The moon
Lights the sky
A half-frosted
Chocolate cake.
Wicker against
Bare shins,
Bone against brick.
I sat poised
with notebook,
work the slippery
print of gel pen
into a flurry
of fuzzy firefly,
of mosquito.
I want most
To commemorate
Become something
Outside myself
For a while
But tonight
The java has
Turned my brain
Into skittish text,
The cars spin
Across the highway,
bright-eyed and
soft moth-winged,
Voiceless and noisy.
I am hungry
For wine and pretzels,
For soft hands
And strawberry lotion,
for classic music,
someone else's
face to fall into.

Right now
There’s only me
And the quiet sounds
Unseen things
Alive in the grass,
Unsaid words
Thrown across
The porch like
Friendless widows
And my candles
Are burning into
A spiderweb mass
Of melted wax.
I need to sleep,
I need to keep
Reading about the
Magic lives of
Girls in the
Chick lit novels.
I need to spin
The wheels of thread
For my daughter's dress,
The oven clock
Is ticking like
A death perch
Across the upcoming
Day and all I really
Want right now
Is to turn
this piece of town
Into a train-station,
A parkway,
A piece of sky
With too many
Hanging moons
To ever count,
To be in the vast,
Sparkling, timeless
Innuendo of too
Many disappearing
Pieces of starlight
To ever again feel
Such a thing
As 2am loneliness,
The sun rising
Across sleepless eyes,
Biscuits burning,
The surprise of
Someone else leaving,
Taillights fading
Into the dark
On a night
Not unlike this one.

written for a prompt at dVerse.


  1. Ahh the 2am loneliness and longing for pretzels and wine...I really loved this poem :)

  2. you portrayed this loneliness well. hope someday soon you will ...have a face to fall into.
    but until then enjoy option B...'being' and your daughter.

    be joyful of having...'just enough':

    gracias for sharing

  3. I love the moment's reflection but the one that got me is the imagery of the moon as a half frosted chocolate cake ~ Thanks for sharing your beautiful words ~ Have a good week ~

  4. Oh, Stacy. This left me breathless. You are so very gifted.

    These sections were particularly powerful for me:

    "The moon
    Lights the sky
    A half-frosted
    Chocolate cake.
    Wicker against
    Bare shins,
    Bone against brick."

    "I want most
    To commemorate
    Something" (with emphasis on "SOMEthing" ... anything at all, really; just be be noteworthy)

    "Voiceless and noisy" (This is so strong. You can blabber on all day long and still not use your true "voice," you know?)

    "someone else's
    face to fall into" (Wow!)

    "Unsaid words
    Thrown across
    The porch like
    Friendless widows" (This blew my mind. Your brain is AMAZING.)

    "I need to sleep,
    I need to keep" (Excellent slight switch from "sleep" to "keep.")

    "For my daughters dress" (This should say, "For my daughter's dress" [with an apostrophe])

    "Innuendo of too" (great line break)

    "Into a the dark" (You need to delete the extra "a.")

    Excellent work, Stacy.

    1. thank you so much. i once heard that when editing, you should read the words out loud. perhaps i'll try that!

      so happy you enjoyed the poem, i'm honored by the commentary to you favorite lines....i wrote this poem so quickly, it sort of just wrote itself. i'm surprised it turned out so well.

  5. The emptiness in this is so very loud..and yet here it is shared and is it's creator...

  6. Felt like God during the creation. The details impress!

  7. Superbly done. I'm glad to be back - yours was one of the few I missed in my absence, Stacy!

    Well. I've no fault with your poem.......we all miss the odd apostrophe and a word to many - with no need of correction, as we adapted to understand anyhow. Creativeness must be fluent and not stunted by overpowering thoughts of grammar as you go along. It's better to rectify at proofreading after.

    Excuse me for prattling on but I get miffed sometimes when I see comments making you aware of simple little slip up's....not the end of the world, is it?

    1. Sorry. I worked for a publishing company for a number of years. It's just a habit, and I meant to be helpful. I apologize for the offense.

    2. aw, helena, i'm so happy to hear you say that. it's elating (to say the least) to know that someone truly enjoys reading your work.

      thank you so, so, so much for your kind words and for stopping by. i've totally missed your blog too, you make me chuckle, even on my bad days. i'll have to drop by today for a languishing read!

  8. There are so many things to love with this poem. Never can a sense of loss be harsher than at 2am, never can we see the details of relentless wheels.. lonely in a crowd.. are there fireflies or cars.. really something to read and reread.


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