Saturday, June 13, 2015

The City Pavement is a Heavy Thing

She's not sure
who she is,
or where she's been.
Only that she longs
to go back again.
She imagines her life,
a steady series of shoulds,
a pig-tailed girl
with the world at her hands,
now she's just
a could have been.

The days are tired,
the nights as long
as a certain kind
of midnight and she's
longing for sunshine.
Too many empty steps
of a street-side apartment
bend her knees out of shape,
the same knees that used
to fancy herself lucky
to dance naked,

something special, exquisite
retail for the wealthy
men of 5th avenue,
while their stiff
stock-holding wives
lived the safe luxury
of penthouses and
the crisp, boring lives
of those fancy
high-rise condos.

Now she just wishes
she could have
been one of them.

written for a prompt at Pink.Girl.Ink. Press.  


  1. There are different kinds and degrees of hollow, I think.

    1. i agree!
      nothing is ever as it appears on the surface.

  2. Now she just wishes......... what a sad tale. (Well done to the picture prompt)

    1. thank you!
      she just looks so...lost.
      i felt like a sad story belonged to this photo.

  3. There is a certain surrealism to the image - a glittery glam girl left behind - evoking an emptiness - and I think your poem reflects this very well. A picture not quite of the present, certainly of the past, sadly of the future - hollow.


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