Saturday, July 11, 2015

Midsummer Moon

"Somewhere Soon"

Night, with her winged beams,
Tilts the cloud of her head,
Speaks gently to me,
Resonant  calm of the raven’s
‘how-to,’ spin of light rain,
A candle shared by two.
I tilt the tea of an iron pot,
Silent boil of sound
As shadows dance the walls,
Graceful as air on land.
The curtains slowly tilt,
Breeze of summer smells
Into the alcove of my livingroom.
I, too, dance with the invisible
Foot-mamba of each shadow,
secrets shared with the moon.
Then disappear into a book,
The one nearest the hand-clutch
Of my coffee-brown couch.

Written for the Night prompt at Poets United.


  1. You love the night. That much is clear. I love the night too

  2. I share secrets with the moon too and get lost between the pages.
    Your digital art is excellent as well


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