Friday, July 24, 2015

Taking a Sabbatical!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be taking a break from the blogging world until September 1st.

These last few months have really just worn me out.

Currently I'm dealing with a family illness, creating lesson plans for my daughter (homeschooling a 2nd grader!), and my spirits just haven't been in the best shape lately (lost a friend, community was devastated by a flood).

So, my soul needs time to recuperate.

Writing, poetry, and art are usually my outlets but I'm really feeling the need to hibernate and turn inward, to replenish myself.

I think it's entirely possible to run ourselves completely dry without even knowing we've done so.

On the bright side, I did purchase a wonderful book recently.  Its a year-long workbook that will aid me in transforming my life, my mind, and my personal space into a much more peaceful place.  I have begun a deeply-Buddhist journey toward the Yogi lifestyle.

I need to rest, friends, so that when I return I can get on with all my blog projects.  My own writing.  And myself.

See you all in a little over a month.

Wishing you safe, and creative adventures in the meantime!


  1. i'm sorry for your recent deluge of pain and angst. everyone needs to take time out for their rejuvenation in whatever way they choose. the Buddhist journey through the inner sanctum of yogi is a wonderful route/escape. well wishes, mi amiga. be good to yourself

    gracias for all your wonderful sharing. see you around the bend. Ciao for now

  2. Aw, Stacy, so sorry to hear things have been rough. I completely understand the urge to turn inward; may the muse spin you some happy tales and help to lessen the sorrow and general craziness. Take care!

  3. peace, and smiles to you, Stacy ~

  4. Will look forward to your return, Stacy!


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