Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Heat" by Deborah Stein (and My Commentary)

by Deborah Stein

hot boys, she says, are sweet in the summertime
muscles burning taut and ripped
steam rising off their shoulders and hanging
in the air, heavy swirling auras of light
and cologne, making a greenhouse in her room
backing away coolly, i say i'm not so sure
with my sour apple gum and dry air-conditioning
(keep me from her heat sticking my hand to my cheek
eternal expression of awe) I watch her try
to bloom, bear fruit, or at least create honey
to boil in the fevered friction, wailing as she rubs up
against them and then they stand, patient shiny statues
sweat gleaming just beneath their skin.

This poem really calls to me of adolescent summer affairs, a first walk along the beach while holding the hand of a boy I could never really love.  It also takes me back to long, sultry summers and city swimming pools and neighborhood cookouts.  High school boyfriends and private picnics near baseballs fields and parking lots where, people who are my age now, probably drove by and marveled the freedom to be so young again.  A time of innocence that wasn't really so innocent at all where desires of the heart were concerned.  The burn of young love was remarkable but oh, so much simpler, than lasting love that ages.


  1. but each of us is wealthier for these experiences. too many never have this nor are in any place in their existence to imagine such wonderment.

    it is nice to reflect upon these youthful moments

  2. Yes! Reminds me of Kid Rock. All Summer Long. Sun. Fun. No responsibility. No consequences. Way To Live!!!


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