Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Night Without Stars" by Nancy Eimers

A Night Without Stars
by Nancy Eimers

And the lake was a dark spot
on lung.
Some part of its peace was dead; the rest was temporary.  Sleeping ducks
and geese,
goose shit underfoot
and wet blades of grass.
The fingerlings like sleeping bullets
hung deep in the troughs of the hatchery,
such cold,
such distances.
We lay down in the grass on our backs-
beyond the hatchery the streetlights were mired in fog and so
there were no stars,
or stars would say there was no earth.

Just a single homesick firefly lit on a grass blade.
Just our fingers
curled and clutching grass,
this dark our outmost hide, and under it
true skin.

This poem reminds me that small moments can become so much more.  Fumbling hands in the dark, two separate beings tumbling toward each other under the dark veil of grass....two universes crossing each other beneath the lifeline of a sky on some otherwise insignificant night.

When I was younger it seemed like the lake was the place to be.  Couples would claim parking spots at the spiel-way for heavy make-out sessions and steal back into the secure teenage rooms full of movie posters and fashion magazines sometime past 1 am...just late enough to avoid the overt eyes of knowing parents....or at least that's how things were for me.

Sometimes it's nice to to be reminded that during this life, there were also other lives we lived.  Funny how time turns everyone into someone else, eventually.


  1. We do live many 'chapter'. It's a nice thought that.

  2. I love the small moments! They do unfold into the bigger ones!


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