Saturday, September 26, 2015

Visual Poetry: (Anti) Body Love

Ah, the ever-present flight of the modern-day female.
Part satire, part bitter truth.
I feel like burning a few beauty magazines.
Maybe I'm a feminist, but I blame the media for the young, intelligent girls who skipped their school lunch today.

**Each panel is approximately 6 inches by 8 inches.  Includes collage, marker, various papers, gems, sequins and acrylic paint.  They are meant to be displayed in the order they appear.  Although they are meant to stand alone...I merely was inspired to add descriptions below each one for the purpose of the blog.  But as display, they would not have any accompanying poetry.**

(The full display can be purchased for $75.  Email me at if interested)

"The Critics"
Magazines, news articles, tabloids, even television.
The perfect women, everywhere!
So thin, always thin and ever sleek...those female beauty machines.
As long as you look plastic, you can do anything!

"Effortless Perfection"
Make-up, body cream, cosmetics galore!
Power bands, body-shapers, you can wear one.
An hourglass figure is out of style,
lets bare bone, forget muscle, and who needs a brain?
Forget Shakespeare and grad school,
now lets all look the same!

"Body Love"
Are you hungry, are you lonely,
as the strangers knock at your door?
Are you worthy, are you respectable,
a perfectly manicured camera whore.
Are you happy or are you tired
of the face in the mirror?
Is it worth it, have you made it,
the no-name woman of the year.


  1. Stunning in its sharp edges.
    OH, this: "let's bare bone, forget muscle, and who needs a brain?"

  2. thanks for sharing those thoughts; and might i saw quite worthy of the read
    Have a good Sunday

    much love...

  3. it can be so hard on the girls growing up these days.

  4. The perfection of a body is sad today... but rest assured, we are all getting more and more equal, eating disorders are on the rise also for boys... when bodily perfection means that you're starving... Let us all grow attractive on books and poetry instead.

  5. Powerful write with a great message. I think of those school girls who skip their lunches. But the women in the magazines dont look real. Or very happy.

  6. I do believe the media does have an overwhelming effect on the minds of young girls.. putting up an illusion of what is (so called) beautiful.. when the truth is the exact opposite.

  7. Oh these are so powerful....messages women of all ages need to hear and really take in!

  8. Personally I blame it on men who try to fashion women to an unworkable design and persuade them that is what men really want which is far from the truth.

  9. love the bold voice Stacy...very powerful...poor lunch skipping kiddos....

  10. Oh so very clever..maybe the smart girls skipped lunch but the unconventional ones ate and had the energy to change things..or at least write it out!

  11. What a bonus, to get these arresting pictures AND the striking words! And I applaud the message.

  12. These are really evocative. Thank you for sharing them.

  13. I couldn't agree more with your rant. What an effective way to say it. "I feel like burning a few beauty magazines." and this "modern-day female. Part satire, part bitter truth." Excellent, Stacy


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