Saturday, October 24, 2015

Memory Writes...

A Moonlit Walk Across the City

Since my teens
I have dated boys,
Cycled with them
In small American towns,
Tender to the small
Beating heart of
Neighborhood happenings;
Have munched frankfurters
And hamburgers at counters,
World of young love
Twirling its tendrils around
My ankles, though never holding.
I have whirled along highways
In compact sedans
And rebuilt sports cars,
My hair wild as wind,
Have consumed my share
Of cappuccinos in village
Coffee shops, dazzled by
The dance of book dust
Amidst candlelight and
Starched linen in fine restaurants
Before driving the evening
Through a fading post-storm twilight,
The panorama frequently shifting
My sense of place with time,
The cobblestones and courtyards
Cracking to the foot-pace of passersby
So that I am simply
Plunged back three centuries
And silenced by the shock.

Written for one of my prompts at Pink.Girl.Ink. Press.
And shared with fellow friends at Poets United.


  1. Wow! This took me there, with you. Wonderful.

  2. Those trips we take back into the past... memories are like sepia images, layer upon layer.. I admire how you pulled us back, and then into present.

  3. An excellent portrayal of how a flashback seizes the heart.. consumes the mind & soul.

  4. Oh what a lovely ride this was, back through earlier years.........and what impact, your closing lines.

  5. Memories are precious they also teach us lessons about our own journey. As we shift through space and time. I thought these lines really sum up how it feels to recall memories.

    The panorama frequently shifting
    My sense of place with time,

  6. Wow! So beautiful.

    Thanks for your visits and kind comments.

  7. this is a nice glimpse of gypsy spirit shared
    Thank you for dropping in at my Sunday Lime today

    much love...

  8. I really enjoyed moving through time back to young love and scenes at counters and coffee shops and then snap...back to the present....nicely done.

  9. A lovely evocation of places and times in your journey. Your ending put me in mind of those old cities built before cars, with narrow cobblestoned streets one must walk, not ride.

  10. What a lovely poetic narrative of youthful memories ~ enjoyed all the imagery.

  11. Amazing to start the journey in one place and to end in another. This was really an intriguing 'ride.'

  12. truth, faith, and facts,
    they form our bones and make us walk with strength.

  13. I can never be said she didn't live her dream. Let's hope we too ppeak such words later on. A beautiful poem.

  14. it's alright to relive those carefree memories. :)

  15. The dazzling dance of book dust - that had me - and you don;t even need to ride a bicycle or leave the house..your poem sizzles with joy and the adventures that can be found in everyday life

  16. I love the journey through 'time and space."

  17. Ah, this contrast between then and now...

  18. You have captured time and place in this nostalgic piece.

  19. This is simply a treat to read ... so fresh and exhilarating. And yet, ultimately, it is pinned against a recognition of the passage-of-time. A joyful "Glory Days" montage.


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