Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weary Travelers

Tonight the veranda is empty,
The city is quiet and the busy streets
Have closed their eyes for a while.
On the sidewalk below, a lone pedestrian
Walks his dog, the end of a long day
Folding itself between their footsteps.
A car rolls silently past, headlights
Beaming an illustrious glow
Into the night-fog like a convertible
Lighthouse, a ghost that rolls into
Some perceived distance and disappears.
The wind tussles my hair, lifting
Each strand from my face like the
Miniature roped masts of moonsails.
Somewhere out there I know
The water is still awake.
As the sound of the gulf chants
It’s mermaid squall toward the stars,
The sky spins it’s kaleidoscope of light
Against the silhouette of my soft shape
And a madness begins, distilled contrast
Of black upon white, a polaroid backdrop
Of  sierras against the great plains;
The divine soil of majestic trees,
Ever-tending as an ocean-pulse.
How endless the prints we place
Upon the shore, each one erased
As quickly as the glittering flicker of time,
So fickle is the kiss of our soles
Upon this unworn path, weary travelers.

Written from a prompt at Pink.Girl.Ink.

Also, if any of you poets know of a nice NaPoWriMo, please leave me a link so I can check it out.
This year I would like to participate in writing a poem a day for National Poetry Month.

Friday, March 27, 2015

"Small Comfort" by Katha Pollitt (and my commentary)

Coffee and cigarettes in a clean cafe,
forsythia lit like a damp match against
a thundery sky drunk on its own ozone,

the laundry cool and crisp and folded away
again in the lavender closet-too late to find
comfort enough in such small daily moments

of beauty, renewal, calm, too late to imagine
people would rather be happy than suffering
and inflicting suffering. We're near the end,

but O before the end, as the sparrows wing
each night to their secret nests in the elm's green dome
O let the last bus bring

love to lover, let the starveling
dog turn the corner and lope suddenly
miraculously, down its own street, home.

This is one of my favorite pieces of poetry, I think because when I first read it I thought to myself, "Hm, this just feels like home."

There are so many elements within this piece of writing that just call to you of cozy day...the coffee at the cafe, folding laundry, pausing by a window in the foyer to watch an old neighborhood dog trying to find his way back home.

I can appreciate the simplicity of word choice, yet the poem is a deep sentiment.  Sort of the way she says, "here, these are the small things of my day, yet they mean so much."  I feel the same way, it is the smallest things of our lives that really add up...the hug of a child, the sound of rain, washing dishes.  Maybe it is the Zen Buddhist in me, but it is these things that give me my most reflective moments...the time to think, reasons to feel grateful.

Sometimes writing doesn't require monumental things like falling in love or vacationing in the tropics, or grand colors and irreversible life events.  Rather, sometimes it feels good just to sink your feet into the safe and familiar, your own memory found on someone else's page.  That invisible interconnection, a string of words that holds us all together.  

This is one of those poems.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

News & Other Things

Ugh, I'm currently dealing with a computer crash, specifically the trusty ole laptop (it's nearly four years old, I guess I can't complain).  I'm getting a black screen, tech support says the hard drive is failing.  I'm trying to figure out how to save all my files and rather I can or not (sob).  This may mean retyping manuscripts as well as re-editing and formatting manuscripts for Pink.Girl.Ink.  (I was so close to releasing our first author, sob again).  Anyway, hopefully this problem will be resolved with a new laptop this weekend (fingers crossed for something cheap, as pc's are expensive things).

If I owe you a comment from the poetry or art challenge community, I apologize for my tardiness, I'll get there soon!

Last week I released another chapbook titled Mannequin Rivalry.  The book contains some of personal favorites I've written in the past year or so and the Kindle edition can be purchased for $1.99.  A paperback edition is also available.

I recently made the decision to create a separate blog just for my art adventures, rather than jumble my main blog with images.  I'd like to keep Warning The Stars as an author/poetry blog.  You can always view my art at Coffee, Art,  And Me.  In fact, I invite you over.  The blog is brand new and I don't currently have any followers (wink).

I've been published in four new magazines this fall/winter but I'll save those links for next time.

Hopefully with my new laptop, I'll be back in commission shortly!!  I have so missed sharing my poetry.