Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dogwood Winter

Winter is only a word,
The sun refuses her seasonal salutation.
I am awake and eager,
All arms and elbows,
Backbend and triangle pose.
I am sun-bleached book covers,
Blank journal pages and
Colorful magazine clippings
Glued across a notebook at random.
I am insatiable of words and sugar,
Oatmeal and black coffee,
Parker and Rilkes and Sandburg.
Besides, what else would I do
With a rainy eight a.m.?

Posted for the Tuesday Platform at the Imaginary Gardens.


  1. Obviously, books are it.
    Warm wishes for a Happy Healthy 2016
    Thanks for dropping by my blog

    Much love...

  2. like it
    nice one
    good luck

  3. Ah - you make the rainy winter sound like a wonderful place to be... Here it's freezing cold and the promise of skating..

  4. Yes, it's a good day in frozen hell to immerse oneself in paper paradise. Cheers.

  5. I love the listing effect you have used here. The direct comparisons are very effective.

  6. This makes me feel like jumping up and down on my bed!

  7. i like that in this piece you inspire verve in an otherwise condition of ennui or the simple mundane.


  8. Oh yes, this is exactly how I'm feeling shut up in the house with my kids, hubby & animals while it continues to rain. I'm actually going to put on my yoga video (which I haven't done in years!) Help. lol

  9. This is wonderful, Stacy. I LOVE the
    "I am awake and eager,All arms and elbows, Backbend and triangle pose."
    "I am insatiable of words and sugar, Oatmeal and black coffee,
    Parker and Rilkes and Sandburg."

  10. Very adroit use of visual images here to turn the mind inward, to mimic the outer new year in the inner. Enjoyed it much.

  11. Winter does invite a soul to partake in the indoor sport of books and journals and some warm oatmeal. I love this Stacy. :-)


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