Thursday, January 7, 2016

Noteworthy Links Thursday #1

Welcome to my weekly installment of Noteworthy Links.

For the longest time, I have made it a daily goal to read at least one short story, one self-development article, and one poem per day.  In celebration of all the free education and resources available via the internet, I try to make sure that my daily reading material comes from the internet and is freely available for any and all to read.

I aim to choose literature and poetry from talented writers as well as informative articles that educate and promote self growth.

This is a collection of my best reads this past week.


A New Year, A New Start.   Let's toast to 2016.

52 Fun Things:  Try a New One Each Week of the Year
If you're anti new years resolution, but you do welcome some positive change, then this article is for you.  Full of some fun, stress free and innovative ways to enrich your life in small, weekly installments of merely one easy-to-do task per week.  I love this list!

However, if you want to try your hand at some new years resolutions and are unsure of where, or how, to start, this awesome Playlist of TED Videos are sure to spark a fire in your resolve to better yourself this year!

Self Development & Personal Growth

"Be a Buddha" is one of my personal life commandments.  It's a helpful mantra in trying times.  I have been practicing Buddhism since 2009.  I always try to explain to people that Buddhism is not a religion, it is a philosophy of the inner self.  It is the study of peaceful and content being in the world.   So I'm always happy to find an article like A Ten Step Journey Into Buddhahood that contains a thorough investigation of the Buddhist philosophy.  It's a great beginner's resource for those interested in pursuing a Buddhist experience.

I found the article Behind the Scenes of Wonderful Instagram Photos To Make You Rethink Social Media to be highly insightful.  The author sheds light on the idea that social media is a concept, rather than real life...a place where the imperfect is made to be perfect.  Yet the article also has a deeper, more meaningful message pertaining to the exaggerated perfection of cropped photo images on Instagram:

 "...allowing us to understand that there is beauty in everything. Even ourselves."

Poetry, Literature, & Online Journals

Late Hours by Robert Gibb reminds me of the deeds unfolding and of days well-done.  It brought me into a train of thought concerning my own late hours, how the evenings seemingly unwind themselves, day after day, one after the other...all the same, but different unto their own ways.

"In the meantime a single light is burning in the house 
Beneath the last hard carbons of the winter stars,"

New Years Poem by Margaret Avison intricately details a New Years Eve evening with her calming, meditative observances.

 "The Christmas twigs crispen and needles rattle
Along the window-ledge.
             A solitary pearl
Shed from the necklace spilled at last week’s party
Lies in the suety, snow-luminous plainness
Of morning, on the window-ledge beside them.   
And all the furniture that circled stately
And hospitable when these rooms were brimmed
With perfumes, furs, and black-and-silver
Crisscross of seasonal conversation, lapses
Into its previous largeness."

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