Saturday, January 2, 2016

Post Holiday Recap!

I know I don't post as much as I'd like to lately, but here's a Holiday Recap:

One of my favorite ornaments!  I actually received this one as a Christmas gift a few years ago.  The irony!  Our tree was white.  Second year with a white tree.  Thankfully, this tree already had lights attached so no fighting with a tangled string of lights for this girl!

We watched the city parade in town.  I was lucky enough to find a huge Christmas tree in front of the courthouse, which made for some exception photos.  My girl enjoyed herself.  The streetside popcorn vendor was a real win.

Taking a small break from festivities for picture time with my girl.  :)

Post-Christmas date is my favorite color to wear, unless no one has noticed yet.  (smile)

No gala celebrations for us on New Years Eve.  I must be getting old, or maybe I was tired out from whatever stomach bug I've suffered from for weeks now....but I got some cheesecake at Bob Evans, my awesome BK mocha iced coffee and chilled in my favorite recliner to some Netflix.  Ah, it's the simple things.


Despite being sick all through Christmas (seriously, is there some unwritten code that all the funk has to spread around during the early winter months?) and the untimely death of a beloved family member, I managed to have a somewhat decent holiday.  Sure puts a dapper on your mood when you're sick physically, and hurting in your heart.

We did lots of fun things....since I homeschool, there were lots of crafts (a gingerbread village and a decorated stocking made from construction paper and scrapbook elements, to name a few) and yummy food/snacks.  My favorite gifts tied in at an adult coloring book and a whimsical wax burner that says 'imagine.  dream.  believe.'   Really, I think that ought to be my mantra for the in-coming year.

I don't know, maybe I'm growing wise, but this year The Holidays was more about rejoicing in the life that  I was given, and the gift it is to share our lives with those we love.  I taught my daughter this Christmas, that Christmas is, indeed, about exhibiting a heart full of kindness and love, of acceptance and gratitude.  If I can just instill those virtues in her, I feel her path with alight to a more peaceful and loving way in this cruel world.  It took me years of meditation and Buddhist practice to really begin to resonate with the simple principles of loving kindness.

Of course, we had all the regular gift exchanging, the dinner and the family gatherings.  However, the material things weren't what brought me the most gratification.  That gratification was derived from my appreciation of loved ones and my gratitude for the gift of merely waking up to live another day.


I haven't been writing nearly as much as I'd like to (going to work on that this year), but I did actually pinch in a little bit of creative time with Photoshop!

"Seriously, Where's Santa?"

"Late For The Party"

"Home For Christmas"

I actually created the digital art dolls for each of those.  As a child, I was fascinated with dollhouses and dolls.  Now each time  I go to create with Photoshop, I sort of get to revel in that childhood interest and use that as inspiration for my art hobby creations.

"Woodland Friends"

"Lonely Winter Eve"

"Fall Evening Lone"


I'm still, as of yet, working on my new years resolutions.  I'll be sharing those ideas in a future post.

I sincerely hope all my writer friends and fellow poets had a charming holiday!  I'm wishing you the absolute best for the coming year!

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