Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Word List Wednesday #1

I love a good writing challenge, particularly the ones that work like word puzzles or fill-in-the blanks.  I also love being inspired by the poetic works of others, so I have designed a sort of prompt that will allow me to do both!

Each Wednesday I will post a list of words pulled from favorite poetic works of other poets.  I will then use my compilation of words in order to write an original poem all my own.  You are always welcome to join me in my challenge and write your own poem.  If you do so, leave a link so I can read and comment your work!

My word list for this week was taken from the poem Difference by Mark Doty, as it appeared in the 1994 edition of Best American Poetry:


And my resulting poem:

Beating on the Vault

Undulant as an adams apple,
His words were a cough
Caught in the throat.
I disguised my fear with
Acceptance, began to listen with
The dead half of my heart.
I listened, too, to the promises,
Letters that blended into the
Background of my mind,
A sort of parasol against
The gray rain of lonely mornings
At the back door, black coffee.

Sweet midnight nothings
Sweated my brow, moistened my
Skin like the slick lick of chiffon
And then it was born:
A niggling feeling that permeated
My pores like ectoplasm
In multiplication.  His ideas became
A shape-shifting breed to
Bind me to some make-believe.

Stupid girl, stupid dream,
It was all transparency,
Ballet-shaped silhouettes, an
Escape space where we could
Pirouette between the real meaning,
A balloon of prefabrication that
Someone had to bust with
Cupids arrow sooner or later.

Hateful rain, the world is a liar,
His heart a lair for displaced
Beginnings that never really began.
And who is he but a piece
Of prize litter, debrees unfettered,
An alien thing to me. 


  1. what a nice
    well done dear
    good luck

  2. At leasts those
    without a cold
    heart can escape..
    the real prison
    is the

  3. Really enjoyed this. This line "I disguised my fear with/Acceptance, began to listen with/The dead half of my heart" really jumped out at me along with that last verse. But there were many good lines and ideas here...excellent write with the words you chose. Thanks for linking in with dVerse.
    Gayle ~

  4. You didn't make it easy on yourself with these words, but you created meaning and rather bitter depth out of them. I especially liked the image of 'balloon of prefabrication'.

  5. Very strong, keenly felt and passionate piece which held me in its grip.... KM is right though and a soul like you remains free and open for when true wrath comes... With Best Wishes Scott

  6. Words as these makes poetry both a challenge and easy... you really created meaning with yours. The world is a liar... reminds me of Smashing Pumpkins and Bullet with butterfly wings..

  7. I can sense angst on the entire piece but a hint of acceptance is also felt.

  8. Great word weaving which in itself is a challenge ~ I enjoyed your list, which can bring out a poet from one's comfort zone of words ~

  9. This is absolutely incredible :D

  10. This is a similar theme to the poem by Pleasant Street. Obviously topical to a few of us. You wrote it well.

  11. it must be challenging to write with a wordlist.

    niggling feeling that permeated
    My pores like ectoplasm

    I love this.


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