Thursday, February 4, 2016

Noteworthy Links Thursday #4

For the last year or so, I have made it a daily goal to read an article, a poem, and a short story via the internet each day.  I make sure that all the material has free availability (no pay or subscription sites).  My hope is to represent the vast amount of free education/ information/ literature available via the internet.

Here are the best of my reads for this week.

Short Stories

The Other Woman by Lana Weinstei is much more than what you think.  This very short work also depicts just how dire the effects of too much social media.

"I walk out the door and the chill blast registers as real life."

If You're Having Trouble Getting Started by William Olmstead has a twist that will leaving you pondering the importance of writing...even just a little.  The ending entails an ironic, yet fruitful question for those of us who dare attempt to write.

Juno’s mother shook her head and waved a dismissive hand.
“What a waste. What can you really say in one sentence?”

Winter Break by Nana K. Adjei-Brenyah captures a moment of mortality and circumstance of a situation uncontrollable with it's realistic account of a meeting of two friends.

I could see her brown eyes in the light of an approaching car. They reflected our terrible mortalities, hers and mine.

I read all three of these stories from the archive at Everyday Writer.  This website showcases short works and fiction by a variety of writers and genres.  They also host a free magazine and occasional short story contests.  It's definitely worth a browse.


If all the bare branches and the sharp whip of winter wind has got you feeling meloncholy, Wisp by Johanne Boulat will, perhaps, allow you to see these dead waving weeds in a different light.  This is particularly so for me, as I live near the Appalachian.  I am surrounded by dead things the winter brings.

"It was the flesh of clouds

The breeze of opened reveries."

Reading the small collection of poetry by Christina Murphy felt much like taking a mini-vacation via the screen.  Her work is hosted at a new online literary journal Scarlet Leaf Review which is due for their second issue in mid-February.  I really enjoyed perusing their content.

a town where the mermaid

is a run-down bar and fishing nets hang 
on wooden walls,

the sea nearby rocks
in fragmented lights;

Educational Resources:

The article 25 Great Youtube Channels for Blended Learning contains a plethora of amazing Youtube channels and playlists for learning everything from astronomy to literature to history...and just about anything in between.  Although the article seems directed as an easier approach for learning for college students, millions of people benefit from online learning via free websites and quality youtube videos.  I think the internet may just be the formal education of the future.'s mostly free as I believe all education should be.

At the very least, these channels make learning fun and could give you a much needed study break that is more enlightening than watching the latest cute cat video.


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