Friday, March 25, 2016

10 Simple Ways to Have an Amazing Day

Most of us awake every day with a whole montage of responsibilities we’re time-pressed to  complete in our meager 24 hour day.  With jobs, children, families and other responsibilities, it can be hard to get your day off to a great start.

I used to be a miserable old scrooge in the morning, moaning and complaining about all I had to do that I did not feel like doing.  It has taken much time, dedication, and mindfulness for me to rearrange my thought process during my early morning routine, and to maintain that positivity throughout the day.  However, since incorporating some simple, quick, and helpful strategies into my day, each day, I’ve found I’m much happier and I’m in a much better mood these days.  And what’s better, I don’t wake up grouchy to be awake like I used to!  It can be hard changing your mindset and reversing unhealthy thought processes, but with a little bit of positive thinking, gratefulness, and good music, it  can be done!

Below are my 10 simple ways to assure that I have an amazing day, every day, and I hope you can find ways of incorporating them into your life for better days ahead as well!

1.  Begin your day by moving your body.  This can be as simple as a few stretches, as complex as a yoga workout, or as strenuous as jogging a few miles. 

2.  Write in a journal.  You might wonder what you have to write about so early in the day, and the answer to that is:  a lot!  Write down some things you are grateful for as you begin your day.  Plan you day out.  Write your to-do list.  Empty your mind.  Release your worries for the day, your mind will thank you!

3.  Read an inspirational quote or story.  Some good ones I enjoy are the chicken soup books and ‘the secret’ yearly calendar.  The internet is full of free inspirational quotes.  Read one and use it as your daily positive affirmation.

4.  Drink coffee (or tea or hot chocolate or cappuccino).  Hence, have a relaxing drink that comes bearing a little bit of caffeine.  Free your mind of the advice that caffeine is bad for you and will keep you awake at night.  First of all, if you drink coffee that early in the day it’s going to have absolutely no effect upon sleeping.  Second of all, caffeine has been linked to many health benefits such as:  higher energy, elevated mood, aid in weight loss, an enhance of mental agility, and it’s high in antioxidants that help your body fight illness and boost your immune system.

5.  Have a quick, healthy breakfast.  If your mornings are busy and you don’t have a lot of time, don’t worry about food that takes a lot of preparation.  Grab a cup of yogurt and a handful of nuts or granola.  How about a breakfast bar, a banana?  Eating healthy isn’t that difficult!

6.  Turn on some good music.  Try something upbeat and lighthearted.  Not only will it lift your spirits, it will make you feel like moving.

7.  Smile.  Put on a happy face.  Did you know that even if you are not in a good mood and you smile, the act of smiling transmits messages to the neurons in your brain that actually trick the brain into thinking the smile is genuine?  So, keep smiling and eventually you’ll ‘fake it until you make it!
8.  Be kind, generous, and mindful.  This one is also easier than you think.  How about instead of getting angry at the old man who is driving fifteen miles under the speed limit (and making you late for work), focus instead on how much he reminds you of your own grandpa (great uncle, etc) and how difficult it may be for him to brave the traffic at such an age.  In a sense, you’re motivating yourself to learn to see the glass as half full instead of half empty.  Better to be late because of the traffic rather than your car quitting, right?  Happiness really is 90% perception!

9.  Pay attention to your appearance; take care good care of yourself.  Don’t forget to brush your teeth.  Dress in clothes that make you feel like doing a little dance.  When you look your best, you’ll begin to feel your best.  You’ll also notice a nice little self-esteem boost!

10.  Indulge a little and treat yourself.  You don’t have to be a millionaire to feel prosperous and well-off.  Have that piece of chocolate cake, go ahead, one piece won’t hurt you.  Buy yourself a nice piece of costume jewelry, a new moleskin journal, order a new book of amazon, or take your significant other on to that Sunday matinee.  Go out to eat for dinner on Saturday instead of staying in.  You don’t have to be rich to enjoy the good things in life.    

Here's to hoping you're having an amazing day ladies (and gentlemen).  


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