Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Love Affair With Words

This week, the Sunday mini-challenge at Toads prompted us to write about:

"In psychology this paramour is the anima who draws us into unconscious depths across a bridge where external and internal are hard to distinguish. That dreamy land after the sated swoon, the collective anguish of so many emptied beds. This poetry advances by receding through so many faint blue doors, as if it were trying to name at last the definitive preliterate forest from which it emerged."


"Write about sex, sexualized experience, sexless burning, the kiss of strange winds, the sexiness of death. Write about the arrow’s sheer barb. Or whatever else the paramour might mean to you—say, the strange wood we enter starting the next poem.

Write an original poem about your encounter with the paramour(s), what you found and what you learned."

Words and I

You first slithered yourself
Around my waist,
All 6am belly button
And shower-creamed skin
Made of words
Like Sexton and Sappho.
We'd sleep late, bed-full
Of poet-speak and brown bean,
Then meet one another
Come evening, all hush-lipped
Lullaby and wine
At back-tables of fancy
Dining halls where bowls
Of Eve’s fresh fruit sat:
My willing accomplice,
The black ink of my
Only-sometimes-starry night,
The tip to my ten brown
Curious, vagabond toes
Freshly sunned, notebook in tow,
You’d step me across dim-lit
Thresholds into worlds
Saturated of taste and color,
Fresh-tongued and tingling hands
Always willing me to wander.


  1. A powerful write, Stacey.......I especially love "the black ink of my only sometimes starry night". Very beautiful writing.

  2. "Thresholds into worlds
    Saturated of taste and color,"

    My favourite lines Stacy. Nice use of imagery.
    I'm happy you dropped in to read mine

    Much love..

  3. The things words do to a soul, to a body to a life... And we wouldn't have it any other way, would we?

    Love the language of your poem, so much movement and intensity. These is my favorite line: "Fresh-tongued and tingling hands"

  4. With words like this, how else can we avoid to make love with them.. Hush-lipped lullaby an wine.. The best way ever.

  5. it is to this type of musical words that my heart beats in rhythm with love. lovely mi amiga


  6. This is a beautiful ode - both to love and to writing.

  7. What's the saying? If you pray for an elephant, you better get a bigger back yard ... Lay out an invitation like this to Poetry, and I have this advice: Duck! I love the you personified the almost erotic relation between singer and song. It gets us poets through the night, at least ...

  8. I think this was the best answer to Brendans prompt Stacy your lines dazzled me. I also like the picture of the unicorn stabbing the girl through the chest under the rainbow.

  9. Lush and I love the way the words become fulfillment...savory. :)

  10. *happy sigh* Yes, this. All of it. This is the perfect expression of how it feels to be seduced by words.


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