Monday, April 11, 2016

A Month of Favorite Poetry, Day #10

This poem perfectly, yet so simply, embodies what it feels to be a single woman whose looking.  Looking for love, excitement, the one.  

The excitement of wine (or cigarettes), playing the waiting game.  Listening for that car to pull up outside.  Thinking of his name.  Wondering if he'll like you.  Wondering if you'll feel the same.

So totally reminds me of myself at so many different crossroads of my life as a single woman.

I recommend the work of Sandra Cisneros to women everywhere, it is softly feminine.  She captures little pieces of what it means to be a female, especially in this modern-day society.

Waiting for a Lover
by Sandra Cisneros

And what if you don't arrive?
And what if you do?
I'm so afraid
I cross my fingers,
make a wish,

You're new.
You can't hurt me yet.
I light the candles.
Say my prayers.
Scent myself with mangoes.

I like the possibility of anything,
the little fear I feel
when you enter a room.
I haven't a clue of the who of you.

And what if you do like me?
And what if you do?
I can't think.
Dress myself in slinky black,

my 14-karat hoops and my velvet spikes.
Smoke two cigars.
I'm doing loopity loops. roar by.  All night.
I'm waiting for the one that stops.
All my life.  Listen...
Hear that?

from Loose Woman:  Poems (Vintage Contemporaries), 1994

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