Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Month of Favorite Poetry, Day #21

You never know what's going to happen in a dream...

I enjoy the random parallels of this poem.  The feeling that anything can happen...dangerous or not.  Yet, the relief that nothing really will, because maybe it's all just a dream.

Our Clandestiny
by James Galvin

As it fell out in the end the only thing
wrong with dreaming was it was too much
like being awake.  Secure the perimeter.

Out there in the early dark the watchers
are watching us.  The coughers are coughing,
politely waiting for the waiters.  I dreamed

I loaded my driveway into the trunk of your car,
and we escaped.  The smokers were smoking
and occasionally coughing and, as always,

watching the waiters.  The perimeter
cannot be secured.  The death toll never
falls.  All the beggars are taking riding lessons.

The background is going by them way too fast.
Dante's narcolepsy made God's hair
stand on end, but at the end of three days,

the Master Dream was all there was anyway.
There were flying colors, then up rose
the jerkwater moon, the shepherd moon, which led

us two away into this silver pasture.

from As Is, 2009

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