Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Month of Favorite Poetry, Day #28

I first discovered the poetry of Gary Soto in one of those Best American Poetry anthologies.  I remember the first time I read his book The Selected Poems, how each one was a story, a moment perfectly captured in time.  Or was it a perfect moment that poetry captured for all time?  

He's masterful in the way he allows you to live inside his life for a moment.  I travel across decades and towns and meet people without ever leaving my seat.  I think that's how good poetry is supposed to read.  And I adore his work.  It's really hard to pick a favorite, but here is one that I love.  This poem reminds me that just simply being, existing in this moment is enough.  I need no more at this exact moment in time but to be, to observe, and to appreciate what is.

The Space
by Gary Soto

West of town,
near Hermosa's well,
I sleep sometimes--
in a hammock of course--
among avocado trees,
cane, spider-grass,
the hatchet-faced chula,
the banana's umbrella
of leaves.
It is here
in the spiny brush
where cocks gable,
where the javelina
lies on its side
like an overturned high-heel.
I say it is enough
to be where the smells
of creatures
braid like rope
and to know if
the grasses rustle
it is only
a lizard passing.
It is enough, brother,
listening to a bird coo
a leash of parables,
keeping an eye on the moon,
the space between cork trees
where the sun first appears.

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