Monday, April 11, 2016

A Month of Favorite Poetry, Day #9

I discovered this poem right before my grandmother died.  I read it many times afterward, a sort of ode to her life.  I thought briefly about having it read (from me) at her funeral, yet at the last minute I decided against it.  No, I'd keep this poem between us...her spirit, the page, and me.  A private kind of thing.

I actually have not read it in a year or so, but every time it sort of sucks the breath out of me.  It contains such an in-depth association to love, how real love stands the test of time, it endears endlessly.  What it means to love someone in the deepest ways of our human being.  At whatever depths love can reach, whatever immeasurable void love can contain...the words inside this short poem question it all.  It touches all aspects, from carnal need to aging body to the flailing of bones.  It asks of someone, intimately, frankly....yet so beautifully spoken....will you always love me?

This poem makes me cry.  It touches me that deeply.

by Nilene O.A. Foxworth

Will you love me when I'm old
when my eyelids sink behind my skull
when my blood is running cold
and my conversation dull
when my gawky gums send a trembling voice
and my hands shake from a lack of choice
when i am as arid as the desert
and my firm breasts sags
like an old empty laundry bag.

Will you love me when I'm old
when my flesh goes back to Mother Earth
and my naked bones are disarrayed
and my soul calmly floats beside the bay
forgotten by the carnal beings of yesterday
through the meridian of the seas
through the depths of the unknown
from a bird to a bee
will you love me when I'm gone?

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