Saturday, April 23, 2016

NaPoWriMo Day #23

I really don't enjoy writing form poetry.  Sometimes I do but today I just wasn't in the mood so I didn't use the prompt over at the official NaPoWriMo page (which was to write a sonnet).

I really just did a free-write in response to a poem I read today A 16-Year-Old-Girl Who's Standing by Woudof Mile (a Haitian Creole poet).  I will share that poem today as my Month of Favorite Poetry post.

For now here is my poem:

Reading Between the Headlines

I yearn for a lot of things
that bear no name,
things as invisible as music
or inspiration.
Me, a woman poet,
learned fool.
I copy words from a book
like I've struck fools gold
but I watch enough evening news
to know that every
murderous drunk was once
a poor man who stood naked
in front of a crowd of
spectators, thirsty for his tears
and every pimps' pleasure
is just a girl who needed to be loved
like the needle-pusher seeks
an escape in these streets of hell
where we're all passing each other
at supermarkets and busy side-streets
pretending to be happy while
secretly seeking the only seven-story
fire escape in the whole city,
rust of its bars un-slidable
so we all stand clutching the city filth of
its rails and steps as if the monstrosity of
steel and ladder were a  manufactored messiah
whose arrival has done nothing to appease
the misery business of each new breath.

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