Saturday, April 9, 2016

NaPoWriMo Day #8

the prompt at NaPoWriMo today was:

It’s Friday, and writing poems isn’t easy! So let’s give ourselves a break with a simple prompt today. Poets have been writing about flowers since, oh, the dawn of time. So today, I challenge you to add your own poem to this long tradition, by finding a flower, and versifying in its honor.

Honestly, I can't think of anything more boring and mundane to write about than flowers.  It's a topic that's be regurgitated. took me two days to figure out how to write something interesting that included a flower.  Ha.  Mixed in some memory with a shot of imagination and there we go:

Sea Daisy

It was the summer
of boiled oyster and stuffed crab,
lemon-pepper spicy and tongue bubbly
of evening dinner martini,
I swallowed conversation, light and
plump as the moist underside
of a yellow macaroon
even though I hated the taste,
how the tang made my tongue swell.
I was mesmerized, mid-sentence,
by the steady stem-dance,
all those daisies in porcelain vases,
and the side-table conversation
a quiet chorus indecipherable,
still I listened for the meaning
inside tiny things.
It was the July born of a stiff
blue becoming and she was
a midnight flower whose lips
were made of glass,
slippery and cracked, a
twisted sort of gin and tonic
I drank form only once,
wondering all the while who
stuffed the flies into my stomach
and was that a roaring of the sea
or an orchestra my heart made inside me?

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