Saturday, November 12, 2016

Super Moon in Gloaming

A big-moon sky has set the hills afire.  My window pane shades the world a slightly-gray panoramic view.  I watch a black-tree horizon grow long; the many-fingered branches of dogwood and dusty milkweed glisten against early dew.

My red-black glass of wine is but a planet all its own.  Shiny and bulbous as an unclaimed Pluto.  I place its nectar to my lips and taste the stars.

Harvest moon dips low
Earth spins her blue-gray gloaming
a slow shadow dance.

Inspired by a poetry prompt at dVerse.


  1. Your glass of wine tastes like the stars...I so love that. And the grey of your world under the moonlight...wonderful haibun. The one time a monochrome world is amazing.

  2. Very nice. I really like the second stanza describing wine as an unclaimed planet like Pluto.

  3. I do love the two parts juxtaposed against each other. The glass of wine especially a luminous bulb by itself.

  4. Stars, planets, moon...all hung in perfect balance! Lovely shading of colors in your haibun.

  5. Taste the stars, glass of wine and harvest moon dipping low are my favorite images. Superb haibun Stacy ~

  6. I've really
    enjoyed the
    bright white
    size of the closest
    super moon in 48 years
    but what
    i find
    is missing
    is the red of color
    that sings struggle..
    missing anyWay..
    i'll go back
    to bright
    for now
    away from that too..;)

  7. I love how concise this is, every word a morsel of scrumptious imagery. So glad you joined in. Always look forward to your work.


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